The above tutorial videos will guide you through all the steps to write a decent working Battlecode bot, beginning with software installation.

In addition, the live lectures are recorded and saved on Twitch. Other instructional materials (charts, sample code, etc.):

2016 Lectures

#1: Specs and installation

Simplified specs doc (last updated v0.0.2) Handy graphics indicating robot sight & attack range (last updated v0.0.2)

#2: Building guards, attacking, moving, clearing rubble

Unzip and place in the src folder. Then refresh project.

#3: Version control with git

Git Cheat Sheet

#4: Shooting farther than you can see

Kyle, the AI that shoots farther than it can see MethodCosts.txt

#5: Navigation algorithms

#6: Tips for combat ("micro")

Bot1 Bot2

#7: Teamwork and signaling

A bot using signals to coordinate robots to seek out enemy archons

#8: Bit Twiddling

Packing detailed messages into two ints