The latest release is 1.3.3 (10 months ago).



  • Post-finals release to give out the new maps.
  • Minor client changes (fix bug where action delay does not change sometimes).
  • New client key effects.
  • Client supports negative milk.


  • Client bug fix with robot info strings. Specs clarifications on map connectedness and execution order.
  • Decrease HAT_MILK_COST to 100000.


  • Small bug fix with sensing.


  • Cow growth on a VOID square is sensed as 0, regardless of the map's value there.
  • All robots can now wear hats, not only just soldiers. HQ's first hat does not cost milk.
  • Client updates, such as continuous motion (use "d" to toggle) and showing action delay.
  • Self destruct has been buffed (40->41 base damage).
  • Soldiers next to their own HQ cannot be sensed by the enemy. See the Sensing section for more details.
  • Regeneration rate is now doubled (0.25->0.5 per turn).
  • Noisetowers can self destruct for no damage and no noise.


  • Improve client playback.


  • Changing bytecode penalty


  • Added backward compatibility.


  • Only 1000 free bytecodes per round instead of 2000.
  • Spawn rate increased (the constant delay goes from 30 to 20).
  • Noise Tower changes: attack range goes down from 400 to 300, and attack action delay goes from 1 to 2.
  • Self destruct base damage moves from 30 to 40.
  • The road action delay bonus is now 0.5.
  • PASTRs no longer get exactly x milk from x cows when x is too large, due to inefficiencies in milking large numbers of cows.


  • Fix typographical errors and add clarifications in specs. Note that noise towers and cowboys (soldiers) both have an actiondelay penalty related to bytecodes. PASTRs split milk in the case of overlap. RobotType attackDelay values now are consistent with game constants.
  • Minor bug fixes. MethodCosts.txt boolean values updated. If a PASTR dies because its run method returned, the opponent will be rewarded milk.
  • Hats are no longer free to wear.
  • Client changes and optimizations: The "U" key now cycles between "important cows", "all cows", "no cows". In addition, you can remove maps from the client launcher without clicking one first.
  • Self destructing to destroy an opponent PASTR correctly rewards milk now.
  • Fixed bug with cow movement algorithm to comply with specs (behavior of cows on a noise tower's attack square, and no longer splitting cows proportionally based on angle).
  • Everything but the HQ regenerates health now.
  • You can now save match files outside of your home directory.


  • Remove unused code.
  • Fix tiebreakers
  • Change energon to health


  • Basic improvements and fixes
  • Improve game finish message so that it does not always say the game ends on tiebreaks.
  • Removing references to mining and capturing in RobotController documentation.


  • Initial Release
  • The win condition message doesn't reflect the correct win condition in this release.