Pretty boys and Evil girl (#56)
shubham (#209) davidnhtd (#210) ramonb (#212)

Scrimmage stats

Rating: 1500
Ranked wins: 0
Ranked losses: 0

Team Bio

When God created humans, he decreed that one day, when the balance of power between good and evil will begin to shift, he will take birth in human form. On 5th August 1994, he fulfilled this prophecy by being born as Shubham. However, just a few months back, Satan took birth in the form of Ramon. Ramon is a cute normal girl on face value but deep inside her pounds the evil black heart which pumps darkness in her every vein and dimple.
The fate of the world depends on this epic battle between God and Satan. It remains to be seen what role the wise sage David and the warrior king Liu Qi will play. To save the world, they need to help Shubham vanquish Ramon, but will they be able to resist the tempting snares the devil lays before them? Will Shubham be able to use his immense strength, wisdom and valor to save the universe once again?

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