Tournaments Overview

We are now allowing non-MIT teams to compete in the January and February tournaments. In order to be eligible, at least one of your team members must be a student. Those who are not eligible for the tournaments may still compete in scrimmages.

There will be four tournaments during MIT's Independent Activities Period (January-early February). First, we will have a "Sprint Tournament" to determine who has the best code after only one week! Then, we will have a Seeding Tournament to determine the brackets for our Qualifying tournament. The top 8 teams from the Qualifying Tournament will go head to head in front of hundreds of people at our Final Tournament in Kresge Auditorium. If any non-MIT teams qualify for the Final Tournament, we will pay for their transportation to MIT for the finalists' celebration and tournament.

Sponsor Restriction

Employees of Battlecode's sponsor companies may not win any prizes in the tournaments.