Teh Devs (#1)
vontell (#1) jbloxham (#2) kazimuth (#3) edstiles (#4) nmccoy (#5) gyuan (#6) dinosaurs (#14) jhyde (#314) meatkat (#1377)

Scrimmage stats

Rating: 1500
Ranked wins: 0
Ranked losses: 0

Team Bio

Hi! We are the Battlecode developers.

There are two ways to receive course credit for this class (6.147).

1) Defeat the reference player. This year's referenceplayer has not yet been released, but we will email out when it is available.

2) Upload a strategy report. Details are on the "Create / Edit Team" page. We will also have a prize for "Best Strategy Report."

Questions? Need help? Email us at battlecode@mit.edu or find us on the IRC channel (#battlecode, irc.freenode.net, link here: irc.lc/freenode/battlecode).

Team Wall

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