Ni Shagu Nazad! (#25)
miraziz (#75) aishair (#90)

Scrimmage stats

Rating: 1593
Ranked wins: 10
Ranked losses: 11

Team Bio



St. Petersburg, Russia - The Russian Federation is pleased to announce immediate recommencement of the fabled Project Battlecode.

Founded by KGB Marshal Archil Gelovani in late 1977, Project Battlecode entails the development of intelligent, computer-controlled zombie combat forces to serve the motherland. This has recently been made feasible by advances in biotechnology and artificial intelligence.

Several of our academic and business fronts (MIT, Oracle, Google, etc.) have been sponsoring a related programming competition for many years. Under the guise of a harmless student activity, we have been putting some of the world's greatest minds to work devising and implementing devastatingly effective combat strategies for our future undead forces.

Within a few years, the world will see Mother Russia harness the might of all her children, past and present, to spread the resurgent Soviet Empire over the entire globe.

This team, "Ni Shagu Nazad!," was created by the KGB Artificial Intelligence division to monitor participant activity and stimulate competition.

KGB AI thanks all Battlecode participants for their efforts. Know that every line of code you write may one day yield some small mercy when we invade your homeland.

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