What is Battlecode?

Battlecode is MIT's artificial intelligence programming competition. Battlecode contestants write AI software in Java to control virtual robots, which then compete in a video-game-style battle simulation. Each virtual robot roams the screen autonomously, and must communicate with other robots to work together and defeat the opposing team. In addition to being fun to watch, Battlecode matches are tests of both programming skill and sheer intellect.

Contestants are given the Battlecode software and specifications at the beginning of January. Over the course of a month, they must incorporate artificial intelligence, pathfinding, distributed algorithms, and network communications, not to mention ingenuity and teamwork, to complete their robot players. At the end of January, hundreds of spectators watch as the Battlecode tournament determines the "best of the best" among MIT programmers.

The spectacle of the final tournament draws crowds from all over MIT and takes place in Kresge Auditorium, MIT's largest venue. Thanks to our sponsors, the top contestants get well-earned prizes.

Why sponsor Battlecode?

Ever wanted a way to filter through job applicants, and find only the best recruits? The Battlecode competition is just that. Because it attracts the "best of the best," Battlecode provides targeted results in three key areas:

  • Recruiting: Sponsoring Battlecode is more than just having your name on a banner - Battlecode gives select companies unprecedented access to meet and recruit the cream of the crop of MIT programmers, both graduate and undergraduate. Representatives from sponsor companies will be invited to the Finalists' Celebration, a networking event where they will get to meet the top contestants personally. In addition, a book of the contestants' resumes will be collected and made available to sponsors.
  • Exposure: Battlecode is a prestigious competition that is well-known throughout the entire MIT community. Sponsors will have their logos displayed on our high-traffic web site and wherever Battlecode is advertised. Sponsors will also help award prizes and address the crowd at the final tournament.
  • Involvement: Sponsors will get to help make Battlecode a fun and rewarding experience. They will have access to the source code of all entries and be involved in the judging and awarding of academic prizes.


For more information about the sponsorship experience, including pricing, email us at battlecode-sponsorship@mit.edu.